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App description:DingTalk, an App by Alibaba. Free communication and collaboration platform used by millions of enterprises or organization.Features description:- [Chat]: Improving communication efficience with read/unread message status, Easy to send and receive common type of office files;- [Conference Call]: A multiple participants call service for everyone, everyone can easily complete communication with multiple participants. VOIP and HD Video conference call are supported to make job interview and work report more easily.- [DING]: DING the important things via audio/text, we will deliver it in time via phone call or SMS. - [Global address book]: Clear display of org/team structure, search anyone at anytime and anywhere. - [Secured Chat]: Secured chat will be encrypted, messages will be deleted in 30 seconds after they are read.- [DingSpace]: Storage solution for personal/organization files, view it anytime and anywhere you want, sending files via chatting. - [DingMail]: Perfect mixture with chatting, checking the read/unread status, now you can also DING the unread mails.- [Data Synchronization]: Supporting Windows, Mac, Mobile Devices, keep data synchronized across all your devices. DingTalk is building the seamless communication experience.